Going Deep

The U.S. Navy needed strength and endurance for an unmanned-submarine, mine hunter.

Demanding Performance

We specialize in parts that demand high strength and precision for the most challenging environments.

Skilled Hands

Denison employs the most skilled and meticulous craftsmen, who are dedicated to quality assurance.

Under the Microscope

Denison Industries verifies every part and tests every run of aluminum and alloy mix under the microscope in its own labs.

We Specialize in Cool

Our precision-cooling vanes make refrigerated-air units more efficient and durable.

Work of Art

The molds and castings created by our craftsmen are strong, durable, precision works of art.

The Future

The parts cast by Denison industries keep these next generation helicopters in flight.


Denison Industries parts make sure missiles and bombs get to their targets.

Hard Work by Dedicated Craftsmen

Denison’s craftsmen know their work often makes a life-or-death difference in the heat of battle.

Precious Cargo

School-bus manufacturers depend upon Denison Industries transmission housings.

Hot Job

Bright pulses from an arc welder and glistening, aluminum alloy flow into molds at 1400-1600 degrees. Denison craftsmen know they have a hot job and love it.

Mission Impossible?

Denison takes the challenge and delivers on difficult, complex work other foundries have to turn away.


Denison specializes in the difficult and extremely-complex castings other foundries won’t even touch.

Bright Light

The bright light of concentration is blended with skill and determination to turn out precision parts.

Soaring High

The GE9X turbofan engines that power the Boeing 777X rely on castings made by Denison Industries.

Up Up and Away

The Boeing 777X puts sky-high demands on its engines and the parts cast by Denison industries keep these next generation aircraft in flight.

Knowledge and Experience

We are unique among foundries for the knowledge, experience and quality of our craftsmen. From transmissions to unmanned space flight, Denison Industries can do it all.

The Sky Is No Limit

When the new, Boeing X-37B space shuttle blasts off, our engineering joins the shuttle and booster rocket.

Lighting the Way

Denison Industries specializes in getting it right the first time, every time.

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