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Precision Commercial Casting Solutions For Industrial Prototype And Production Manufacturers

Denison Industries has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing precision aluminum castings for a range of commercial and industrial sectors. Utilizing our streamlined dry sand casting and permanent mold-making processes, our foundry delivers versatile alloy-casting solutions that can be optimized for the demands of your unique commercial prototype or production application.

As an AS 9100 D & ISO 9001:2015 Certified American manufacturer, the Denison Industries foundry delivers quality-focused, cost-effective alloy molding and casting services optimized for the unique requirements of your commercial manufacturing application.

Complex Cored Aluminum Castings Manufactured To Withstand The Toughest Industrial Workloads

Denison specializes in manufacturing difficult and extremely complex cored castings that other foundries won’t even touch. If your commercial or industrial application requires a custom casting solution with cored designs and close tolerances, Denison Industries can provide you with the quality and innovation your products deserve.


From Design To Core Making, Casting To Delivery, Denison Industries Provides Precision

The molds and castings created by our craftsmen are strong, durable, precision works of art. From casting design and core making to molding, welding and assembly, the Denison Industries foundry delivers unparalleled quality through all of our products.


State-of-the-Art Arc Welding Capabilities

Bright pulses from an arc welder and glistening, molten aluminum alloy flow into molds at 1400 to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Denison craftsmen know they have a hot job and they take pride in accomplishing it with precision every time.


The bright light of cutting-edge welding technology is blended with skilled and determined alloy craftsmanship to turn out the quality cast aluminum parts that your commercial application deserves.


The Denison Industries foundry has delivered cost-effective commercial casting solutions for over half a century. Our diverse production expertise includes:

  • Complex, cored aluminum castings for custom prototype and production manufacturing.