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Precision Aluminum Casting Solutions For State-of-the-art Aerospace Applications

Precision and consistency are paramount when it comes to casting aluminum components for the aerospace industry. From turbofan parts to custom shuttle componentry utilized by NASA in unmanned spaceflight, the Denison Industries foundry delivers the quality aluminum components your advanced aerospace application requires.

Complex Cored Castings Manufactured To Aerospace Standards

Denison Industries is a leading aerospace foundry that specializes in producing complex cored aluminum sand castings for the cutting-edge aerospace and flight industry. As an AS 9100 D & ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we deliver the precision and consistency demanded by the world’s most advanced manufacturing sectors.

When customers’ lives literally depend on the quality and safety of the cast aluminum components that enable airplanes to take flight, leading aerospace providers around the world have turned to Denison Industries since 1971.

Cast Aluminum Components For Boeing Turbofan Engines

aerospace engine

The exceptionally powerful and efficient GE9X turbofan engines that power the Boeing 777X rely on castings made by Denison Industries.


The Boeing 777X puts sky-high demands on its engines, and the parts cast by Denison industries keep these next generation aircraft in flight.

Cutting-edge Space Shuttle Componentry Engineered With Innovation


We are unique among American foundries for the unparalleled knowledge, experience and quality of our craftsmen. From transmissions to unmanned space flight, Denison Industries can do it all.


When the new, Boeing X-37B space shuttle blasts off, our engineered aluminum casting solutions are what joins the shuttle and booster rocket together. NASA and the world’s leading rocket scientists depend on our products to function reliably with absolute numerical precision.

The Denison Industries foundry has innovative expertise in delivering a range of precision cast aluminum aerospace components for the world’s most advanced aviation applications, including:

  • Complex cored castings for turbines, turbofan engines and aircraft powerplants.
  • Precision cast aluminum structural and exterior components.