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Defense And Military Aluminum Casting Solutions Backed By Industry-leading Precision

Denison Industries delivers complex, close-tolerance casting services for the most cutting-edge military and defense component specifications. Our innovative experience includes custom cast aluminum parts for the U.S. Army’s tanks and helicopters, Navy ship castings and advanced laser-guided missile system componentry.

As an AS 9100 D & ISO 9001:2015 Certified American manufacturer, the Denison Industries foundry delivers uncompromised quality and precision through all of our molding and casting services.

Denison Industries Castings Give The Bell V-280 Valor Its Wings

Precision aluminum parts cast by Denison Industries keep the next-generation Bell V-280 Valor helicopter in flight. From air assault operations to cargo transport and MEDEVAC service, this state-of-the-art aircraft demands the utmost in versatility and performance. The U.S. Army demands the best military and defense aircraft in the world, and Denison Industries makes that possible through superior American manufacturing.

Defense Military

Our Quality Cast Aluminum Components Keep The Navy Safe At Sea

The U.S. Navy needed strength and endurance for an unmanned-submarine, mine hunter. Precision custom castings from Denison Industries are trusted to keep our soldiers safe at sea so they can keep Americans safe at home.

military & defense industry

Custom Aluminum Castings That Keep The Army’s Tanks Rolling

Our castings are trusted to deliver performance and reliability in the most demanding military transport applications. From cast aluminum drivetrain parts to exterior panels and structural componentry, the U.S. Army trusts Denison Industries to carry our nation’s troops safely through the toughest environments.

We specialize in engineering and casting custom aluminum parts that demand the highest strength and most complex designs. From the highways of America to the battlefields overseas, Denison Industries delivers quality parts that the most cutting-edge defense applications depend upon.

Precision Aluminum Alloy Casting Options

Aerospace-tolerance Missile Castings Delivering Laser-guided Precision

Denison Industries’ cutting-edge cast aluminum parts ensure that the U.S. military’s laser-guided missiles and bombs follow their flight paths and reach their targets with unparalleled accuracy.


The Denison Industries foundry has industry-leading experience in delivering a range of precision cast aluminum components for defense and military applications, including:

  • Complex, cored, close-tolerance castings for military ground and flight vehicles.
  • Reliable drivetrain componentry for tanks, personnel carriers and other military transport.
  • Innovative aerospace experience with the Bell V-280 Valor.